Are You Fun in Fashion?

April 2, 2008 at 6:04 am (Uncategorized)

fashion I know that some of you there have got talent in fashion. Some of you might have the ability to do the fashion but you are not confident enough of your self. I can see some people that they are very good in fashion but they don’t get discovered or some are got disappointed for some reasons. If you want to extend your knowledge in fashion, for you information you can go to fashion schools. In the schools I am sure you will get developed more and more. Once, you believed to your self that you are very good in fashion then you can be finished as a fashion designer. Nowadays, fashion careers are common. There are many fashion designers who are happy with their fashion jobs.


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Getting the Best Credit Deals

March 28, 2008 at 5:59 am (Uncategorized)

best credit card deals The process of applying for credit and succeeding in getting the deal you want is more complicated than just filling out a form. For optimal results, the process ought to involve strategic planning and smart management of your existing credit accounts to help you get one of the best credit card deals evaluate with favorable terms and the best interest rate possible.

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Yesterday I Bought Very Beautiful Shoes

March 11, 2008 at 5:48 am (Uncategorized)

girl Yes, I know, I already said it. But that’s not my point.
Yesterday I wore pair 1 for work, pair 2 for dinner with Pask. Today I’m wearing pair 3.

They’re not shoes, they’re gloves. They are more comfortable than any other shoes I ever wore (and I wore lots, believe me). They’re sexy and make my legs look amazing and my ankles delicate and lovely.Still not my point, but it’s part of it.

I just called the shop and asked to speak to the lady who designs them. I explained who I was (we chatted for like one hour yesterday while I was trying them on). She was a bit concerned that I didn’t like them anymore or that something was wrong. I told her “No, I just had to thank you, because you’re doing an amazing job. Your shoes are fabulous.”
She seemed really moved.

It was fun 🙂

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March 3, 2008 at 10:53 am (Uncategorized)

penelope Today I have seen the new film “Penelope” at last. It impressed me, really. Very good and very funny. The plot hinges on the way Penelope’s mother, Jessica (Catherine O’Hara), has become preoccupied with breaking the curse: For that to happen, Penelope needs to meet someone who will love her genuinely and faithfully, snout and all. So Jessica vigorously devotes her life — with the zeal she might normally devote to the garden club or local charity events — to finding the ideal mate for her daughter, foisting one upper-crust suitor after another upon the poor girl, all of whom flee when they see what she looks like.

I think everybody should see this movie!

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February 15, 2008 at 8:36 am (Uncategorized)

too high ratesSome days ago Jane, my friend, has faced the problem concerning credit card application. She applied to the bank and was offered to choose a plastic among credit cards for people with no credit history, as she had never used credit cards before. Of course, having bad or no credit rating you cannot figure on lowest rates and fees. But, even through this, such offers come with too exceeding rates!

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St. Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2008 at 5:20 am (Uncategorized)

love Saint Valentine’s Day is coming soon! What is something inimitable and very special for your beloved ones-something that vibrating with the good mood, which reflects character and inspires heart and soul for creating pure and beautiful the world of love? Everybody thinks of this today… I can’t tell you what gift I prepare for my precious because it is too intimate 😉

It’s More Than Saying I Love You

We give on this day candy and flowers,
But we never stop to say thank you for the many hours.
You have stood by my side and gave a smile,
As if to tell our hearts it’s been worth every mile.
No need to buy a teddy bear or even a card,
It’s pretty simple and not at all hard.
Just put your arms around me and hold me tight,
And say without words that in your heart all is right.
You may say I Love You throughout the year,
But on this day you need to make sure.
The words so sweet and straight from your heart,
That your life would be lonely without my part.
So put forth the effort and take the time,
Look me in the eye and say I’m glad you’re mine.

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Brochure Explains Women’s Rights to Taxi Drivers

February 6, 2008 at 10:35 am (Uncategorized)

lady driver The state’s taxi drivers are being told that “women are equal to men” in a new brochure following a spate of sexual assaults on female passengers. The brochure adds that women vote, can elect to terminate a pregnancy and are free to dress in a manner which may be provocative to some. The brochure was compiled with the Equal Opportunities Commission’s help. While aimed at newly-arrived men from other cultures, it has led to calls for the vetting of attitudes of new drivers. Minister for the Status of Women Jennifer Rankine endorsed the Taxi Council of South Australia for providing information about the “rights and roles” of women in Australia. But she believes the training program should be revamped to ascertain men’s views. “The vetting and selection of drivers is incredibly important,” she said.

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5 Steps on How to Make Money with a Credit Card

January 28, 2008 at 1:12 pm (Uncategorized)

money I was greatly impressed by the article I found some days ago. I always thought that credit cards just could make you a bankrupt. However, the author asserts that there is the way to make extra cash every month using your credit card. Well, here’s how:

  1. Firstly, you should research all credit card offers you can find online. Pay close attention to plastics that give you rewards or cash back. Once you have found cash back credit cards, look at all the terms on each card. Try to find a plastic with 1-5% cash back on all purchases. There are credit cards that exist that give you cash rebate on ALL purchases. This is what you want.

  2. Apply for the credit card that offers cash back on all purchases you make with no annual limit.

  3. Once you have received that plastic, use it for making every purchase you would normally make, i.e. for everyday living expenses such as gas and groceries.

  4. This is the most important step. Pay your bills in full and on time every month . Do not carry a balance over and do not accrue late charges. This is roughly the same as paying for all of your regular expenses in one lump sum, instead of several different payments.

  5. Once you have accumulated enough cash back on your card, request a check in the mail from the credit company.

Voila! Once you have deposited your check, you have successfully earned money with your plastic with minimal effort. The more you spend using the credit card, the more money you make! It’s great! This way will not make you rich, but if your credit card has a high cash back percentage (say 5%), the money can add up quick. Good luck 😉

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Just My Crazy Mood :)

January 21, 2008 at 10:12 am (Uncategorized)


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Japan Is My Dream…Some Interesting Facts

January 17, 2008 at 1:43 pm (Uncategorized)

japanDid You Know…

Some interesting things about Japan which you might not have known!

  1. A can of Coca-Cola costs more than one dollar US from a vending machine.
  2. Japanese people, in general, can’t drive very well.
  3. Restaurants in Japan (including many fast-food places) give you moist towels or wipes before or with your meal.
  4. At many businesses in Japan, they offer alcohol to the employees after six pm.
  5. It is usually mandatory to give a landlord a gift of money of $1,000-$2000 when moving into his apartment building.
  6. On Respect for the Aged Day, tobacco companies will hand out free cigarettes to the elderly outside of train stations and department stores.
  7. The Japanese love corn, sesame seeds, and mayonnaise on their pizza.
  8. There are no 24 hour ATMs in Japan (closed on holidays and many only open during normal bank hours).
  9. Many Japanese teachers think that Japanese parents are lazy.
  10. The green traffic light is called “blue”.
  11. Slurp your soup.
  12. Newspaper editors make their headlines so as to not attract attention.
  13. KFC is the place to be on Christmas Day.
  14. Japan has about 1,500 earthquakes each year.
  15. In the Japanese language, it is considered rude to say the word “no” directly.
  16. It is nearly impossible to become a naturalized citizen of Japan.
  17. You can smoke just about anywhere.
  18. Japanese people take a hot bath every night, some do not have showers installed in their bathrooms.
  19. There is no insulation in Japanese homes’ walls.
  20. Japan has roughly 200 volcanoes.
  21. It is considered rude to show signs of affection toward a loved one in public.
  22. When you go to a funeral or a wedding you must take a gift of money.
  23. Three words: “heated toilet seats”.
  24. In Japan, flower arranging is an art.
  25. The new generation of Japanese people are not as short as Westerners think.
  26. You can buy batteries, beer, wine, condoms, cigarettes, comic books, hot dogs, light bulbs, and used women’s underwear from vending machines.
  27. Many Japanese people eat rice with or for their breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  28. Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice. This is an old Japanese custom and is what is done when food is offered to the dead. When it is not an offering it is considered to be a very ill omen.
  29. In Japan you will find cars by the names of “It’s”, “Let’s”, “Sunny”, “Perky”, “Gloria”, “Move”, “Toppo”, “Lepo” and “Dump”.
  30. McDonalds employees will run outside to give you your drive-thru order.
  31. The Japanese visit shrines and give eachother money for New Year’s.
  32. It is impolite to tear the wrapping paper off of a gift.
  33. Japanese junior high school students do not need to pass any of their classes to graduate. Education only through junior high school is compulsory.
  34. Young women will hand you toilet paper outside of train stations.
  35. There is almost no vandalism in Japan.
  36. Gas station attendants will bow as the car pulls out of the station.
  37. It is socially acceptable to pick your nose in public and urinate at the side of the road, but you cannot blow your nose in public.
  38. Approximately 85% of Japanese people have never tasted turkey.
  39. Japan is about the size of California and has half the population of the entire United States.
  40. Snowmen in Japan are made of two large snowballs instead of three.
  41. It will always take one to two hours for a pizza to be delivered.
  42. There is at least one vending machine on every corner.
  43. It is not uncommon to pay $2 for a single apple.
  44. The sun is red in Japan and the country itself is referred to by Japanese people as “the land of the rising sun”

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