The Egg Diet

May 16, 2008 at 7:43 am (Uncategorized)

I have just found out an interesting diet. It is named Egg diet.

Well, the Egg diet is a diet that will allow you to consume unlimited amounts of eggs, meat and fat. Unlimited amounts of fat, is that possible? Critics were skeptical at first, but in fact it is. Once the stored fat is converted into glucose, the glucose then fuels the body and burns fat directly.

A high-protein, low carb diet will digest into the system a lot easier and produce glucose, so the calories burn faster. When fat is stored in the body it can produce glucose, but it is a much slower process. You want to reduce the amount of carbs that you consume to barely any carbs at all.

As soon as you have done that, you can continue to consume fat in your regular diet. Within this diet you can consume as much protein as you want such as, cheese, eggs and meat. The calories that you consume are irrelevant, so do not pay much attention if you are increasing your calorie intake.

During the diet, you can also consume as many vegetables as long as they are not starchy or sweet. Basically, you want to stay away from baked potatoes and munch on a salad with your specialty dressing. Unfortunately, breads and pastas are off limits as well.

The egg diet may be hard to adjust to for the first week because your body may not be use to how hard your digestive will work when you are on the diet. You may also feel very weak and begin to shake, but don’t worry this is normal. Usually, everyone experiences these side effects and if they do not it is because their food consumption contains too many carbs.

Typically, the average person on the diet has 4 to 6 fried eggs, 1 to 2 sausage links and some bacon for breakfast. You also want to hydrate your body with as much water as possible. Stay away from soda, even diet soda because it contains artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners are very bad for you and do not convert into glucose.

Overall, this will help you lose weight, but may have a bad effect on your body in the beginning. You will lose weight within the first month because your body will continue to lose weight. Most weight will be water weight and you will lose it rather quickly. I personally would recommend this diet over the Atkins Diet for short term weight loss.

May be I should try..


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